Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Modern Critical Edition

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Sc. 354.10

Editor’s NoteEnter a Sentry and his company; Enobarbus follows

sentry If we be not relieved within this hour

Editor’s Note2We must return to th' court of guard. The night

Editor’s Note3Is shiny, and they say we shall embattle

4By th' second hour i'th' morn.

first watch This last day was

Editor’s Note5A shrewd one to's.

enobarbus O bear me witness, night—

Editor’s Note6

second watch What man is this?

first watch Stand close, and list him.


enobarbus Be witness to me, O, thou blessèd moon,

8When men revolted shall upon record

9Bear hateful memory, poor Enobarbus did

10Before thy face repent.

sentry Enobarbus?

second watch Peace; hark further.


enobarbus O, sovereign mistress of true melancholy,

Editor’s Note12The poisonous damp of night disponge upon me,

13That life, a very rebel to my will,

14May hang no longer on me. Throw my heart

15Against the flint and hardness of my fault,

16Which, being dried with grief, will break to powder,

pg 2636Editor’s Note17And finish all foul thoughts. O Antony,

18Nobler than my revolt is infamous,

Editor’s Note19Forgive me in thine own particular,

20But let the world rank me in register

Editor’s Note21A master-leaver and a fugitive.

Editor’s Note22O, Antony! O, Antony!

[He dies]

first watch Let's speak to him.


sentry Let's hear him, for the things he speaks

25May concern Caesar.

second watch Let's do so. But he sleeps.


sentry Swoons, rather, for so bad a prayer as his

27Was never yet for sleep.

first watch Go we to him.


second watch Awake, sir, awake; speak to us.

first watch Hear you, sir?

Editor’s Note29

sentry The hand of death hath raught him.

Drums afar off

Hark, the drums

Editor’s Note30Demurely wake the sleepers. Let us bear him

31To th' court of guard; he is of note. Our hour

Editor’s Note32Is fully out.


second watch Come on, then. He may recover yet.

Exeunt [with the body]

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Editor’s Note
35.0 Enobarbus follows This entrance contrasts starkly with the preceding joyful, musical exit. Probably the sentry and his fellow watchmen (at least two are required) take up their posts before Enobarbus enters, unseen by them.
Editor’s Note
35.2 court of guard guardroom
Editor’s Note
35.3 embattle take up battle positions
Editor’s Note
35.5 shrewd bad
Editor’s Note
35.6 close aside
Editor’s Note
35.6 list listen to
Editor’s Note
35.12 disponge pour down (as from a squeezed sponge)
Editor’s Note
35.17 O Antony This part of Enobarbus' death soliloquy might be something like a prayer.
Editor’s Note
35.19 in thine own particular so far as you yourself are concerned
Editor’s Note
35.21 master-leaver runaway servant
Editor’s Note
35.21 fugitive deserter
Editor’s Note
35.22 He dies It is not obvious to the soldiers, and may not be apparent to the audience either, that Enobarbus dies at this point.
Editor’s Note
35.29 raught reached
Editor’s Note
35.30 Demurely with subdued sound
Editor’s Note
35.32 out expired
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