Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Modern Critical Edition

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pg 2618Sc. 203.8

Editor’s NoteEnter Caesar with his army, marching, and Taurus

caesar Taurus!

taurus My lord?


caesar Strike not by land. Keep whole. Provoke not battle

3Till we have done at sea.

[He gives him a scroll]

Do not exceed

Editor’s Note4The prescript of this scroll. Our fortune lies

Editor’s Note5Upon this jump.

Exeunt [Caesar and his army at one door, Taurus at another]

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Editor’s Note
20.0 with his army The beginning of a series of military actions, which require speed, clarity, contrast, synchronized sound and movement, and the disciplined choreography of large numbers of armed men. Despite the editorial scene numbers, the action is continuous, with no indications of locale. Here, Caesar's brevity and command contrast with the chaos of the preceding scene.
Editor’s Note
20.4 prescript written orders
Editor’s Note
20.5 jump hazard
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