John Donne

W. Milgate (ed.), John Donne: The Satires, Epigrams and Verse Letters

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To Mr R. W.

  • Critical Apparatus1Zealously my Muse doth salute all thee,
  • 2    Enquiring of that mistique trinitee
  • 3Wherof thou'and all to whom heavens do infuse
  • Editor’s Note4Like fyer, are made; thy body, mind, and Muse.
  • Editor’s Note5Dost thou recover sicknes, or prevent?
  • Critical Apparatus6Or is thy Mind travail'd with discontent?
  • 7Or art thou parted from the world and mee
  • 8In a good skorn of the worlds vanitee?
  • Editor’s NoteCritical Apparatus9Or is thy devout Muse retyr'd to sing
  • 10Upon her tender Elegiaque string?
  • Critical Apparatus11Our Minds part not, joyne then thy Muse with myne,
  • 12For myne is barren thus devorc'd from thyne.

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Critical Apparatus
To Mr R. W. First printed in E. Gosse, Life and Letters of John Donne, 1899. Text and title from W.
Critical Apparatus
1 thee,] thee W
Editor’s Note
l. 4. Like fyer: similar poetic inspiration.
Muse: here taking the place of the soul in the trinity of elements that make 'all thee' (l. 1); cf. ll. 8–9 of the following letter.
Editor’s Note
l. 5. Are you recovering from sickness, or keeping oat of the way of infection (perhaps by the plague, 1592–4)?
Critical Apparatus
6 travail'd] travaild W
Critical Apparatus
9 retyr'd] retyrd W
Editor’s Note
l. 9. devout: devoted to her task.
Critical Apparatus
11 myne,] myne W
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